Okavango Delta, Botswana

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Avid travelers sharing our travels and adventures in photos, stories, and tips about how to go see it for yourself.  Welcome to our website. We are Kathy and Jeff, living in the Boston area, married and traveling together for 29 plus years. Jeff has developed a passion for photography and Kathy is a passionate travel planner and organizer. Jeff's work can be seen on Nikon photo boards. Kathy has been writing user content for other critical review websites for a while, some of you may have read her postings as FamilyGoBoston around the web. 

We appreciate reader feedback and hope to hear from fellow travelers and followers. We really enjoy seeing and hearing about other people's adventures and experiences, so don't hesitate to share your ideas with us!  We don't travel full time and haven't seen or done it all (not even close!) and we hope to learn a lot more as we travel around the globe! We thank readers for their support and patience with Kathy's long posts and (parenthetical comments); hopefully, Jeff's photographs will reward you for the effort!

This website exists to share our travels and photographs as well as our travel planning ideas and tips.  We don't sell trips or any travel related items and we haven't been paid to travel or accepted free items to review. We are, so far, advertising free, we don't sell anything but our passion for travel!  If that ever happens, we would disclose that clearly.  All the photos on our site are the work of either Jeff (the good ones) or Kathy (the bad ones), and in the rare case we use someone else's photos,  we would have permission and attribute any other photo we use.  Our hope is that real or armchair travelers will enjoy our photos, have a laugh, and glean some new ideas about how to approach travel in order to "go see it" for themselves! 

Our Blog includes trip reports from our past and recent trips. When not traveling, we post weekly with tips, past trip reports, travel news and "Thinking Out Loud" opinion essays.  We have a section of indexed Tips and Hints on the right hand side of the blog, with hard won and researched travel ideas for everything from planning and packing to traveling and touring, even some tech and photo tips.  We also have all of our past posts organized by Places, on the right hand side of our blog page, to make it easier to find posts to help with planning. At the top of this page, on the right you'll find Trip Reports, where we will keep adding past and future trip reports.  Next to that is a feature for followers from cruise websites, featuring Ships Tours, with photos of ships we've sailed on, with more from the past and future being added all the time. We have future plans to include more fellow traveler interviews and reports.  

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