The Strip in Las Vegas is lined with casinos, but what to do if you don't gamble?

The Strip in Las Vegas is lined with casinos, but what to do if you don't gamble?

In 2006 Jeff was invited to speak at a convention in Las Vegas...on my birthday.  Normally, that would seem like a great place to spend a birthday, but I am not much of a gambler.  Actually, my running joke is that I prefer to play the change machine, because I know I will always break even!  But I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to spend a weekend in Las Vegas.

This trip was different right from the beginning.  When we arrived at the gate for our evening flight out of Boston, we noticed a very serious guy waiting patiently for the flight- dressed head to toe in a Superman costume.  He had no companions and appeared just like a business traveler waiting with patient boredom to board the plane, except he was wearing a Superman Costume.  Yup, things are different in Las Vagas, even before you get here!

We arrived late at night and checked into our hotel and and hit the pillows

Like most of my trips, I didn't just show up and wing it, I made plans!  Because we aren't gamblers and don't spend much time drinking either, we felt we needed to plan some things that we knew we would enjoy doing.  We knew we had a room at the Venetian provided by the conference.  I knew that popular shows sell out quickly on the weekends, so we booked Blue Man Group in advance (A Cirque du Soliel Beatles show we would have enjoyed more was sold out) Certainly, you can wait till the last minute and for a nice tip, see what the concierge can do scoring tickets or hoof it to the box office once you arrive and see what's available last minute, but if you want to do some planning you can book Las Vegas Show Tickets on line in advance.  

We also knew we would like to see a bit of the desert.  We had not been to Nevada before, so we decided to make sure we had the opportunity to experience the natural as well as the man made wonders (the strip and the Hoover Dam) of Nevada.  We booked a bike tour out in the  Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area with a biking tour...there are several outfitters that offer biking, hiking, segway, horseback riding or jeep tours recommended by the Parks Service that will pick you up at your hotel or one nearby on the strip and take you approximately a half hour to the park.