A Real Country Fair (a photo essay)

There is really nothing more American than real country fair.  These fairs were part of the United States agricultural past, bringing together farming families to show off their livestock, crops and handicrafts. A little fun could be had on the side, with fair food and games of chance and later mechanical rides.  Today, agricultural fairs all over the country showcase what is special about rural America and each State and County where they are held. For me, these fairs are not only a showcase of the goods and crafts of rural folks, but also tell us something about the people themselves!

The fair we attended is the Blue Hill Fair in Blue Hill, Maine. Linked Here: Blue Hill Fair  It goes on all Labor Day weekend...if you'd like to make the trip!  I can personally recommend the King and Queen's Fries!

(We hope you enjoy this visual "feast" at a country fair; Jeff's photo essay includes surprising details, if you look closely!  Did the farmer win a ribbon for his oxen or the squash at his feet?  A young boy lying on the ground next to the rides, seemingly mesmerized by the bright lights.  Photos by Jeff Klofft)


The days when only ladies quilt and only men drive draft horses are over. During the 3300 Class Horse Pull, this young lady presented one of the best teams.

Jacobs Sheep

Double L Farm Llamas

A farmer sits with his prize winning oxen 

A farmer sits with his prize winning oxen 

The Games

"Yummy" tries to drum up business for his game of chance, made with painted muffin tins,  by taking videos of potential patrons. 

The Red Trouser Show, in the vaudeville tradition, relies on several willing volunteers.

The Chris Perondi All Star Stunt Dog Challenge

Agricultural displays

The annual dwindling display of flowers and plants and the ever growing display of digital photos in the craft area is a testament to the changing interests modern times. 

Warty Squash await judging.



Attendants wait for more takers before running the Thunder Bolt, while a young boy, who lives in a town without a store, or street lights, lies on the ground to watch the dazzling light display.