A Different Look at Venice

20171002 - Venice - 548.jpg

Iconic Venice, right? The gondola, the view of San Giorgio from Saint Marks Square. It's an iconic view.  But the thing I found most delightful about Venice is that the view at every turn is atmospheric, you have the feeling that you are seeing "iconic" Venice even when you are off the beaten path! 

We did the whole St Marks thing- one day we traversed the square, crossing the bridge shoulder to shoulder with selfie stick toting crowds, four times...FOUR times, back and forth, back and forth, trying to find the right vaporetto to take! (To avoid our mistakes and plan a great trip to Venice, see our tips here on our post Myth Busting in Venice) So we've been there and we've taken the same photos everyone else has. (see them here on our St Mark's Square post) Today we'd like to show the parts of Venice we enjoyed the best...the quiet. pretty, historic squares, canals, and bridges; the ordinary people getting ready for their day, the workaday boats supplying the watery city.  See what we discovered when we wandered out of St Mark's Square and had a different look at Venice!

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